Sunshine House Preschool July Curriculum

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Happy 4th of July! We plan to “Celebrate America” with your children as we learn about some of the important American symbols of our great country. Although our themes are fun, there is no less learning going on. We are still learning about letters, counting, graphing, and patterning…learning to follow directions, building social skills, and positive relationships with adults other than family.
Closed for Independence Day
Friday, July 3rd

June 29-July 3 This Land is My Land
Of course, we are going to be celebrating our country’s birthday this week! Monday is Watermelon: A Slice of Summer. Tuesday everyone is encouraged to bring a flag or other USA related item. Wednesday we will be having a marching parade. You are welcome to bring any item that would add to the festivities! We are highlighting the song “We All Live Together” on Thursday. We are closed Friday, Independence Day. Each week we will be featuring a new camp song and this week it’s “Waddleeachee”.

July 6-10 Let’s Take a Ride
This week, we will be exploring the many types of transportation since it is vacation time! Our letter review will continue with the letters: “C”, “T” and “B”. Monday is our first opposite day of the month: Empty/Full. Tuesday is Car & Safety Day, when we’ll stress the importance of wearing seatbelts. Wednesday is our second opposites Day: Fast/Slow. Thursday we will be doing activities with Planes & Trains. We will also have our Transportation Luncheon. Friday we’ll be talking about packing for vacation. Friday is also our Family Breakfast, where you are invited to join us for free breakfast until 8:30. We look forward to sharing a homemade breakfast with you. Our camp song this week is “Peanut on the RR Track”.

July 13-17 We Dig Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs! Yeah, everyone’s favorite!!! Monday is Opposite Day: In Front/Behind. Tuesday we will be learning about T-Rex. Wednesday we will have a carnivore/herbivore tasting party. Thursday we will focus on Pteranodons, the flying dinosaur! Friday will be Jurassic Park Day. We need lots of parent participation on this busy day! We will have many activities set-up for the children to enjoy a grand finale to this week of dinos. This week’s letter review: “D”, “P” and “J”. “Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee” is our camp song.

July 20-24 Lost In Space
This week we will be developing our science skills as we learn about space. We will also continue our letter review: “M”, “N” and “F”. Monday is Opposite Day: Above/Below. Tuesday everyone is encouraged to bring a space related item to share as we investigate what is space. Wednesday is Star: The Sun. Thursday is Opposites Day: Near/Far. On Friday, we will be doing activities around the book I See the Moon. Our camp song for this week is a favorite “echo” song, “Boom-Chicka-Boom”.

July 27-31 Purrfect Pets
We are talking about dog days this week and it is going to be a purr-fect as we learn about the importance of pets in our lives. Monday is Opposite Day: More/Less. Tuesday is Pet Picture Share Day, when your child can share pictures of pets, past and/or present. Please let us know, in advance, of any small, live pets you can share. Wednesday we will sing and act out the nursery rhyme Hey, Diddle, Diddle. We are reading the book If You Give a Dog a Donut on Thursday. Friday we celebrate fish on Hooray for Fish! Day.

Have a Jubilant July!!!

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