Sunshine House Preschool Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities
Sunshine House Preschool places great emphasis on the selection of teachers who are professionally trained, warm and nurturing. We are responsive to the needs of our staff. We provide a supportive atmosphere through training, education expense reimbursement, recognition and financial incentives that encourages every staff member to reach their full potential. 
Sunshine House Preschool is an equal employment opportunity employer.
We are committed to providing child care and preschool programs with high quality and standards that support self-esteem, curiosity, cultural diversity, and equal opportunity, while increasing the individual growth to the highest potential. We believe in consistent, fair, and uniform treatment of all employees. 
All prospective employees are required to complete:
Employment Application Form
Documentatin of Early Child Education and experience
Fingerprint Clearance
Child Abuse Index Check
Statement of Crimial Convictions
Physicians Statement, including TB clearance
Health Questinnaire
Final selection of an employees are the responsibility of the Director and President. Health and lack of criminal records is a first consideration, followed by personal qualities (caring attitude, strong team building skills, ability to learn and apply new skills, employment skills), and then by education and experience.  
Sunshine House has our own, rigorous training and evaluation program.
Employee Benefits
Paid Vacation
 Paid Holiday
 Health and Dental Insurance
 Child Care Benefits
 Retirement Benefits 
Bonus and Gifts
Clothing Allowance
If you wish to apply for career opportunities or wish to learn more about our programs email your resume to: