Sunshine House Preschool April 2017 Curriculum

Hooray, April is finally here!  We will be celebrating the fine weather and talking about nature and things that grow this month.  Please bring items that you have to share with us each week.  Click on the links below for even more details about daily curriculum activities!

Picture Day

Picture day is for everyone that wants pictures taken, including our graduates!  There will be an opportunity for individual pictures for all; and in addition our graduates will take a group picture. When proofs are ready, you will be able to view and purchase your favorites!  Of course, you have no obligation to buy pictures. Please check your school and/or Facebook for your child’s picture day.

April 3-7Our letter of the week is U-Unicorn, on my head I have a horn!

Make believe is a difficult concept at this age, particularly since many children spend a substantial amount of time watching TV.  On Monday, we will introduce the letter: long “U”. Tuesday is Opposites Day: Real and Pretend. Wednesday we will be reading and doing activities related to the book The Wizard, the Fairy & the Magic Chicken. Thursday is our monthly luncheon. This month’s theme is the Royal Family Luncheon.  Sign-ups will be posted for you to be able to contribute something. No lunch boxes! Friday we will explore our color of the month: Purple.

April 10-15 We will be Celebrating All Things Spring this week.

Monday we will be celebrating all things Spring. Tuesday is Little Bunny Foo-Foo Day, when we will be singing and acting act this fun rhyme. Wednesday we will be focusing on our shape of the month: the oval. Thursday we will be exploring Flowers & Gardens. Friday we will be Getting Ready for Easter.

April 17-21 – Our letter of the week is U-Ugly Duckling, I’m no real ugly duckling.

Monday we will be talking about our letter of the week: short “U”.  Tuesday we will be focusing on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. Wednesday is Ugly Hat Day, when everyone is encouraged to wear a really ugly hat.  Thursday we will be having an egg tasting party.  Friday we will be doing activities to learn about and show appreciation of our planet as we celebrate Earth Day.

April 24-28 Week of the Young Child 

This week is designed to focus attention on the long-lasting impact that young children’s environments and social experiences have on their well-being and ability to learn.  It is a call to make the critical early years the best that they can be for all children.

Monday we will discuss what each of us can accomplish “with our own 2 hands”.  Tuesday we will be focusing on the number 9, our number of the month.  Wednesday our theme of the day is April Showers bring May Flowers.  Thursday is Parent Appreciation Day to celebrate all you do for young children. It is also our Family Breakfast & PJ Day, when we will be serving breakfast for you and your child. We look forward to seeing you!  Friday is Arbor Day.

Upcoming Events: Check the parent board and/or Facebook for dates for these great celebrations:    

Mother’s Day Tea


Father’s Day BBQ

We appreciate you and hope you have a fantastic April!

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