September Calendar & Newsletter


September is traditionally a month of beginnings. New children have joined our program, replacing the kindergarteners we said good-bye to. Over the summer we have transitioned our children into their older groups and higher learning demands…they are ready! We know you will share our excitement and enthusiasm as we progress through the year!
Our main emphasis this month will be on self-awareness and self-esteem. We will be learning about our unique and special bodies, families, and names. We will share things that each of us can do and things we can learn to do, things that we like and dislike, and many other things that make us unique.

Our gross motor focus this month is rolling and bouncing balls. We hope you will join along with us at home

Click on the weekly links below for additional details on daily activities.

September 4 – September 8 Our theme is: Me, Myself & I.

Monday we are closed in observance of Labor Day. Tuesday is Color Day when all are encouraged to wear this month’s color, yellow, or in Spanish, Amarillo (pronounced ama-reeyo). It’s a great day to wear your Sunshine House T-shirt! Wednesday we will be practicing our counting for 1 & 2, Me & You (uno and dos) Day. Thursday is our second opposite day for the week: Happy/Sad, when we will discuss expressing our feelings. Friday is our family breakfast and PJ Day you are invited to join us for free homemade breakfast.


PIZZA NIGHT – It’s harder to know if parents or children are happier when Pizza Night finally arrives! Check your school or Facebook to see date.

September 11-15 – A-Ape, come to the zoo for a gape.

This week we start our letter of the week program.  Monday we will talk about the sound of long “A”. Tuesday we will have a Going Banana! Tasting Party. We welcome any banana goodies you have to share! Wednesday is Opposite Day: High/Low. Thursday is 5 Little Monkeys Day, when we will practice counting backwards with this silly jingle. We will continue last week’s lessons about ourselves by talking about our grandparents. It is our Peace, Love, and Grandchildren Celebration on Thursday. Friday is Marvin the Ape Day.

Peace, Love, and Grandchildren, Thurs., Sept 14 
Our Peace, Love, and Grandchildren Celebration is from 3-5 p.m. We welcome all grandparents (and the whole family) to come and celebrate with us. We will have a special table set up for your child to serve and enjoy a special snack, work on a craft, and take a picture with their grandparents.

September 18-22 –  A-Albatross, I fly seas and go across.

We will not only learn about albatross, but also be learning about other Marine Birds. Monday we will learn about the sound of short “A”. Tuesday is Circle/Round Day. We will get good practice rolling/bouncing our balls. Wednesday is opposite day: Sink/Float. This is a great time for you to explore the same concept at home, maybe at bath time! Thursday we will learn about penguins. Do you know why penguins look the way they do? In the water, their black feathers blend in with the ocean bottom and their white feather blend in with the light colored sky, making it hard for predators to see them from either above or below! Friday we will share Angry Birds!

September 25-29 – B-Bear, I have a coat made of hair.

Monday we will talk about the letter “B”. Tuesday is Large, Medium and Small Day. Wednesday is Brown Bear, Brown Bear Day. There are many great bears in literature and we will be exploring a few of them. Thursday will be the old favorite Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Friday is Teddy Bear Day, including a picnic. We hope your child will bring their favorite bear to join them (or other stuffed animal if you don’t have a bear). Please be sure it is labeled with your child’s name. There will be sign-ups for your child to be able to bring something for our luncheon. Please only sign-up if your child attends on Friday. (If your child does not attend on Friday, they are welcome to come in for this special event if you can come along with them and help with the festivities.) No lunch boxes are needed this day! Yay!!


A word about the “homework” pages that we have available for you and your child to work on at home and return to school. It is not expected that your child will be able to sit down and complete these on their own. They are for the 2 of you to do together, to talk and learn together about alphabet concepts or cutting and pasting (developing small motor skill). You should be having fun doing these pages. If your child is not, it’s probably better to put them aside and try it again in a few months.

Have a Sensational September!!!