Sunshine House November Preschool Curriculum

We have come to the holiday time of the year when one day blurs into the next with fun activities…one day it’s Halloween and the next New Year’s Day!

Click on the weekly links below for even more details about daily activities your child will be enjoying this month!

November 6-10 

Our letter of the week is E-Elephant, lift me up I say you can’t.  We will also be learning about the number 4 (in Spanish, cuatro), our number of the month.  Monday we will introduce the soft letter E. Tuesday is our first Opposites Day for the month, Soft/Hard.   Wednesday we will be reading Ella the Elegant Elephant. Thursday we will be going on a counting journey as we read We All Went on Safari. We will be closed on Friday for the Veteran’s Day Holiday.

Closed Friday, Nov. 10th  Veteran’s Day

November 13-17

Our letter of the week is F-Fish, to swim like me don’t you wish!  This week, we will also be learning about our community helpers for the month, Firefighters. We will introduce the letter ‘’F” Monday.  Tuesday we will explore the book Fishy, Fishy, In the Brook. Wednesday is Firefighters Day, when we will explore what they do, where they work, and what they drive to do their job. Thursday we will have fun with fingers as we do the fingerplay Five Little Fish Swimming in the Sea. Friday is Stop, Drop & Roll Day, when we will be practicing this lifesaving skill. It is also our Family Breakfast & PJ day, where you are invited to join us for free homemade breakfast.

 November 20-24

This week we will be talking about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful. Monday we will Give Thanks! On Tuesday, we will have our own Thanksgiving Feast.  Sign-ups will be posted for your contributions.  We will close at 4 P.M. on Wednesday to allow everyone travel time for Thanksgiving on Thursday.  We are closed Thursday & Friday for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Holiday:

Close at 4 PM on Wed., Nov. 22nd     

Closed Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 23rd & 24th    

November 27- December 1

Our letter of the week is G-Giraffe, my long neck gives me a laugh.     Not only will we be learning about Giraffes, but we will also be talking about Animals of the Savanna, this week. Monday is Giraffe Day. Everyone is encouraged to bring something that starts with the letter “G”.  Tuesday is Square & Brown Day, our shape & color of the month. Wednesday is opposite day, Up & Down. Thursday is Savanna Habitat Day. Friday is another Opposite Day: Long/Short.

Upcoming Holidays:

Closed Mon & Tues, Dec. 25th & 26th   

Closed Monday, Jan 1st   

October Preschool Curriculum

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October Pizza Nights

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September Preschool Curriculum

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The Hullabaloo of 2’s Series

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The Hullabaloo of 2’s Series

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Mother’s Day Tea

Mother’s Day Tea, Thursday, May 11th Our Mother’s Day Tea is from 3-5:30 p.m. We welcome all moms (or other important females) to come and celebrate with us. We will have a special craft, snack and photo op for you to enjoy. Continue Reading