The Hullabaloo of 2’s Series

Acting out Simple Play… Learning to Pretend.

Pretend play encourages a child to actively experiment with the social and emotional roles of life. When a child uses social play they learn to take turns, share responsibility, and problem-solve, but when a child uses their imagination and pretends to be different characters they have the ability to “walk in someone else’s shoes,” which eventually contributes to the development of empathy.

At school we have many tools for the children to enhance their imagination, such as: dress-up clothes, cars, blocks, cooking utensils, etc. We also have two year olds playing with 3’s and 4’s and this helps to younger children to learn how to grow in the use of their imagination. We learn through play!

Mother’s Day Tea

Mother’s Day Tea, Thursday, May 11th Our Mother’s Day Tea is from 3-5:30 p.m. We welcome all moms (or other important females) to come and celebrate with us. We will have a special craft, snack and photo op for you to enjoy. Continue Reading

Sunshine House Preschool June 2017 Curriculum

 June 2017 Calendar & Newsletter  Here we are beginning the first month of summer!  The weather is getting hot and so are we…hot to polish off your child’s learning, in preparation for next year.  We will be directing our efforts toward helping your child have fun experiences and develop critical learning skills.  We hope that… Continue Reading

Sunshine House Preschool April 2017 Curriculum

Hooray, April is finally here!  We will be celebrating the fine weather and talking about nature and things that grow this month.  Please bring items that you have to share with us each week.  Click on the links below for even more details about daily curriculum activities! Picture Day Picture day is for everyone that… Continue Reading

How does a 2 year old develop trust in adults?

Wondering what kinds of development we assess on your 2-year-old’s evaluation? This video series will explain each item and how we help your child exceed in each of these areas.   * Demonstrates Appropriate Trust In Adults *   Children learn more effectively when they have trust in adults and it helps create a love… Continue Reading

December Preschool Curriculum

December is here and what an exciting month we have to look forward to! We will be concentrating on experiencing the Holiday Season through our senses. We learn about the feelings, textures, colors and smells (cinnamon, pine…) and the symbols (candles, stars, bells…) that make this part of the year so special. Somehow (Ha! Ha!),… Continue Reading

November Pre- School Curriculum 2016

We have come to the holiday time of the year when one day blurs into the next with fun activities…one day it’s Halloween and the next New Year’s Day!  Click on the weekly links below for even more details on daily activities. October 31- November 4 Our letter of the week is E-Elephant, lift me up… Continue Reading