October Preschool Curriculum

Fall is a special time of the year.  For most, Halloween is a favorite celebration.  We want to share the fun and exciting activities we have planned for your child.  As always, we encourage you to join us.  If you are not able to be with us physically, we appreciate your ideas and shared items.  Working together makes our program more enriching for all of the children.  Click on the link’s below for even more details about each week daily curriculum and activities!

October 2-6

Our letter of the week is C-Centipede, I have more legs than I need.  Not only will we be learning about centipedes this week, but about other insects. Monday your child will be introduced to the soft “C”. Tuesday is we will explore our theme by discussing creepy crawly insects! Wednesday is Little Miss Muffet Day, when we will be learning and dramatizing the nursery rhyme. Thursday is Eensy Weensy Spider Day, when we will be highlighting spiders and their webs. Our health concept this month is safety around insects. Friday we will be focusing on triangles for Shape Day.

October 9-13

Our letter of the week is C-Caterpillar, I crawl from post to pillar. Monday we will be introducing Cathy Caterpillar and we welcome show and tell items that begin with the hard “C”, all week. Tuesday we will be learning about the number 3 (tres), our number for the month. We will focus on the stages of caterpillar growth on Wednesday for Things That Grow and Change Day. Thursday we will be reading and acting out the story 3 Little Pigs.  Friday we will continue highlighting on the number 3 with the nursery rhyme 3 Blind Mice. It is also our Family Breakfast & Pajama Day, where you are invited to join us for free homemade breakfast.

October 16-20

Our letter of the week is D-Dinosaur, I am from the days of yore. Dinosaurs are fascinating to most children. We will also be learning about paleontologists this week and how they help us learn about dinosaurs.  Bring items starting with the “D” sound this week. Tuesday is Dem Bones Day, when we will talk about both dinosaur bones and our own bones.  Wednesday is an opposite day: Big/Little (as in Dinosaurs). Thursday is Magnifiers Day. We will be using magnifying glasses to inspect things that are small. Friday is our second opposite day: Lost/Found.

October 23-27

Our letter of the week is E-Eel, I like to fish for a meal.  Monday your child will be introduced to the letter “E”, with the focus on the long “E” sound. Tuesday is Leaf Day. Your child is encouraged to bring in a leaf to explore. Wednesday we will be making our very own scarecrow on Scarecrow Day. Donations of clothing will be greatly appreciated. Thursday is Apple Harvest Day. Friday is Orange and Black Day (in Spanish, naranja and negro), our colors for this month. Everyone is encouraged to wear something orange and black. It is also our monthly luncheon, which has an orange and black theme.  There will be sign-ups for your child to be able to bring something.  Please only sign-up if your child attends on Friday.  (If your child does not attend on Friday, they are welcome to come in for this special event if you can stay and participate.) No lunch boxes are needed this day! Yay!!.

October 30-November 3

This week, we will be learning about Fall Harvest and Pumpkins. Monday is 5 Little Pumpkins Day, when we will be learning and acting out this nursery rhyme. We hope your child will be able to bring in a mini pumpkin to share and explore for the week.  Tuesday is our Halloween Carnival. Wednesday is opposite day: In & Out.  Thursday is Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater Day, when we learn the nursery rhyme, as well as learn about pumpkins.  Friday is our yummy Corning Around Day, when we will be having a corn taste test; talking and working with corn, corn, corn!

Tuesday, October 31st is our Halloween Carnival. We hope you will be able to join us!  Costumes welcome.

PIZZA NIGHT – It’s harder to know if parents or children are happier when Pizza Night finally arrives!  Check your school or Facebook to see date.

Friends – We hope you will come to our Facebook page and “friend” us (Sunshine House Martinez, Sunshine House Oakley, Sunshine House Brentwood, and Sunshine House Brentwood2, Sunshine House Preschool Loma Vista).  This will allow us to notify you of upcoming dates and when our newsletters are posted to our website.

Nursery Rhymes are an important part of a child’s education.  They are cultural icons that children are expected to be familiar with in kindergarten.  Memorizing them increases your child’s memorizing ability and repeated attention to rhyming words is an important pre-reading skill.

Cold & Flu season will be upon us soon (does it ever leave?).  Your best protection against illness is to wash your and your child’s hands upon arriving at school and also when you arrive home.  It is important in winter, as well as in the summer, to get lots of fresh air.  Warm, dry indoor air dries sinuses and causes illness.  We all go outside for recess except when it’s pouring.

CLOSED for Veterans’ Day Holiday

Friday, November 10th

 Thanksgiving Holiday:

 Close at 4 PM on Wed., Nov. 22nd   

Closed Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 23rd& 24th

 Thanks for your attention to our program and your personal involvement.  Your interest helps make Sunshine House special to all of our children.


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