D – Dinosaur & Paleontologists



Weekly Newsletter D-Dinosaur/Paleontologist
Week of Oct 16-20, 2017

Here are some examples of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- Letter D

How you can participate: Look for things that start with the letter “D” with your child and have them bring it to school.

Books – How do Dinosaurs go to School
Action – Musical Instruments
Art – Dino tracks
Fine Motor – Tactile D
Music – Warm up time

Tuesday – Dem Bones

How you can participate: Talk to your child about archeologists…what do they do? Would your child like to study dinosaurs or prehistoric people?

Books – Skeleton Hiccups
Phonics – “D says d,d,d,d,dinosaur…I am from the days of yore”
Art – Noodle Skeletons
Cutting/snipping with scissors around the bone
Music – Skin and Bones

Wednesday – Opposite Day – Big/Little

How you can participate: Play “Eye Spy” with your child big/little things.

Books – Big is Big
Action – Big/Little items
Art – Glue big/little items to the letter “D”
Math & Science – Measuring big/little
Music – Animal Action

Thursday – Magnifiers

How you can participate: Use a clear glass and walk around the house with your child and show them how the glass “magnifies” different objects.

Books – How do Dinosaurs eat their food?
Phonics – “D says d,d,d,d,dinosaur…I am from the days of yore”
Art – Sponge Paint a dinosuar
Science – Fossil Hunt with magnifying glasses
Music – If I had a Dinosaur

Friday- Opposites- Lost & Found

How you can participate: Play a game with your child at dinner…what kind of dinosaur would be eating the different parts of the meal (herbivore/carnivore).

Books – More about Dinosaurs
Action – “D” cards
Art – Tissue paper Dinosaur
Game – Dinosaur Says
Music – Dino