E – Elephant & Number 4

Weekly Newsletter Elephant/Number 4
October 31-November 4 2016

Here are a few examples of activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Halloween Carnival/ Soft “E”

How you can participate: Join us in our annual Halloween Carnival!

Books – ABC Safari
Phonics – “E says e,e,e,e, elephant… lift me up, I say you can’t”
Body “E’s”
Action – Elephant Relay
Music – Colors

Tuesday – Opposite Day – Soft/Hard

How you can participate: Explore things wherever you are to label them as soft or hard. Have your child bring something small that is hard and something small that is soft to school.

Books – Animal Opposites Hard & Soft
Action – 5 Elephants Went Out to Play
Art – Paint Prints – hard blocks/soft sponges Opposite Cards/What’s hard? What’s soft?
Music – The Elephant

Wednesday – Ella the Elegant Elephant

How you can participate: Practice cutting fringe with scissors at home. For beginning cutters, it is easier to use stiff paper, like file cards.

Books – Ella the Elegant Elephant
Phonics – “E says e,e,e,e, elephant… lift me up, I say you can’t”
Action – Did You Ever See an Elephant?
Art – Elephant Trunk Painting
Game – Peanut Toss
Music – The Zoo Review

Thursday – We all went on Safari

How you can participate: Discuss the types of animals you would see on safari. Help your child to name as many as they can. Play charades pretending to be animals you would see on safari.

Books – Elephant in the Dark
Action – Make sets of 4 (quarto)
Art – Hand Jungle Animals
Dramatic Play – Elephant March, Going on a Safari
Music – Count and Bounce

Friday- Pete the Cat & His 4 Groovy Buttons, Family Breakfast/PJ Day

How you can participate: Count items around your house in sets of 4.
Join us in our monthly family breakfast/pajama day.

Books- Pete the Cat & His Four Groovy Buttons
Phonics – “E says e,e,e,e, elephant… lift me up, I say you can’t”
Action- 5 Elephants went out to play
Art- Pete the Cat
Button Sorting, Number Bingo
Music- Animal Action