S – Seal & 5 Senses

Weekly Newsletter March 20-24, 2017 S- Seal, 5 Senses

Here’s a sample of some of the activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – “S” Seal/ 5 Senses: Smell

How you can participate: Help your child find something that starts with the letter “S” to bring to school.

Book – Smelling

Action – Dancing with Scarves

Art – Shaving Cream Seals

Science – Super Smellers

Music – The Freeze

Tuesday – The Seals on the Bus

How you can participate: Take turns with your child naming things that start with “s”.

Book – Some Smug Slug

Action – Parachute: Seals Play & Catch

Phonics – “S says, s,s,s,s,s,s, seal…I like to play ball with zeal”

Art – Marble Paint Buses

Dramatic Play – Wheels on the Bus

Music – Swimming in the Sea

Wednesday – Silly Socks Day

How you can participate: Have your child come to school in silly socks.

Book – Sally & the Purple Socks

Action- Sock Hop

Art – Silly Sock Necklaces

Game-There’s a Secret in My Sock

Music – Shake My Sillies Out

Thursday – 5 Senses: Tasting

How you can participate: Try tasting something different for dinner tonight.  

 Book – Tasting

Phonics – “S says, s,s,s,s,s,s,seal…I like to play ball with zeal”

Magic Blanket – Food Items

Art – Funny Faces

Math – Green Jar Game

Music – Down by the Bay

Friday – 5 Senses: Seeing

How you can participate: Have your child close his/her eyes.  Put something in their hand and see if they can guess what it is.

Book – Look Here!

Action – Musical Instruments

Art – Mr. Potato Head

Science- Mirror, Mirror

Music – Swimming in the Sea