Y – Yellow Jacket, Bees & Honey

Weekly Newsletter June 13-17, 2016
Y-Yellow Jackets, Bees & Honey

Here are some of the activities that your child may participate in this week.

Monday – Letter: “Y”

How you can participate:  Sing the song “I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee” with your child.  How many *silly* ways can you come up with to bring the bee home?

Book – The Very Greedy Bee
Phonics – Y –Yellow Jacket “My sting makes such a racket!”
Action – Find a Flower
Art – Y’s black and yellow yarn stripes
Music – Bean Bag Boogie

Tuesday – Bee Hives

How you can participate: Go on a nature walk with your child and look for bees. Talk about their “work”.

Book – Bugs for Lunch
Language Arts – Bumble Bee on My Nose Rhyme
Art – Marble Paint a Bee Hive
Gross Motor Skills – Bee Hive Builders
Music – Fumble Bumble
Wednesday – Honey & Father’s Day BBQ

How you can participate: Have your child eat something made with honey. Dads (and other important males) please come and celebrate with us at our Father’s Day BBQ, 3-5:30pm.

Book – In the Trees, Honey Bees
Phonics – Y- Yellow Jacket “My sting makes such a racket!”
Language Arts – Little Bug – Cut & Tell Story
Art –Cereal Honeycombs
Math & Science – Honey Dough
Music – Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee

Thursday – Opposites: Sweet/Sour

How you can participate: Label the foods your child eats as “sweet” or “sour”, as appropriate.

Book – the Big Honey Hunt
Action – Body “Y”
Science- Sweet and Sour Taste Test
Art – Fruit Prints
Music – Going on a Picnic

Friday –Dads and Granddads

How you can participate: Have your child bring in pictures of their dads and granddads to share!

Book – The Grandpa Book
Phonics– Y – Yellow jacket “My sting makes such a racket!”
Musical Instruments
Art – Family Tree
Science – Life Sequencing Cards
Music – Hokey Pokey