Lost In Space

Weekly Newsletter July 24 – 28, 2017
Lost in Space

Here is a sample of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – What is Space?

How you can participate: Go on an adventure into space with your child. Put on your spacesuit, get in your spaceship, blast off and let your imagination lead you both!

Book – Space Boy
Letter Review – “M”, “N” and “F”
Art – Rectangle Robots
Science – Oxygen Deprived Candle
Music – Adventures in Space

Tuesday – Opposites: Above/Below

How you can participate: Above/below is similar to over/under. Practice this concept physically with your bodies or with other items. (These opposites are on many kindergarten readiness tests!)

Book – Above and Below
Language Arts – One Little Astronaut – Finger Play
Art – Constellation Art
Science – Cork Liftoff
Music – The Turning Song

Wednesday – Our Star: The Sun

How you can participate: Make “sunny-side-up” eggs for dinner.

Book – The Sun is My Favorite Star
Gross motor – Beanbags with music
Letter Review – “M”, “N” and “F”
Art – Sunshine Painting
Science – Starscopes
Music – Moon Play

Thursday – Opposites: Near/Far

How you can participate: Hide something from your child. As they look for it, let them know if they are getting near it or moving far from it.

Book – On the Launch Pad
Large Motor Skills – Parachute
Art – Star Surprises
Game – Blastoff
Music – Opposites

Friday – I See the Moon

How you can participate: Go on a walk right before your child’s bed time, pointing out the moon and the light it illuminates.

Book – The Moon Shines Down
Language Arts – 4 Little Astronauts – Finger Play
Letter Review – “M”, “N” and “F”
Art – Moon masks
Science – Moon Mud
Music – Down by the Bay