K – Kangaroo & Krazy Week

Weekly Newsletter-Kangaroo & Krazy Week
Jan 22 – 26, 2018

Here are examples of activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- Letter “K”

Parent as Teacher: Take turns naming things that begin with the “K” sound (even if it’s cat, it’s okay).

Book – Little Blue Truck
Action – Body K’s
Art – Sponge Paint the letter “K”
Math/sorting – sort decks of cards by color, shapes, numbers
Music – BBB bounce your knees

Tuesday- Color: Blue/ Nursery Rhyme: Little Boy Blue

Parent as Teacher: Have your child wear blue today or bring an item from home that is blue and they can share at their group time.

Book – Animals should definitely not wear clothes
Phonics – “K says, k,k,k,k, kangaroo…. You will find me at the zoo.”
Rhyme – Little Boy Blue
Art – Finger paint yellow and green
Science – Cooking Haystacks
Music – What will we do

Wednesday- Pouches & Pockets

Parent as Teacher: Explore the various pouches & pockets you find around the house (clothing items are great)! Play a guessing game- how many items fit in the pocket, how many can we remember (name) that we put in.

Book – Polly Harper’s Pouch
Action – Body K’s
Art – Kangaroo Pouches
Gross Motor – Animal Track
Music – Something in my shoe

Thursday – Krazy Luncheon

Parent as Teacher: “Test” your child by naming an animal and asking if it is a zoo animal or if it lives on the farm.

Book – Have you seen my new blue socks?
Phonics – “K says, k,k,k,k, kangaroo…. You will find me at the zoo.”
Art – Krazy Crowns
Science – Krazy Slime
Music – Up, down, and turnaround

Friday – Krazy Socks & Shoes

Parent as Teacher: Have your child come to school in Krazy Socks & Shoes. Krazy could be just wearing mismatched shoes/socks/clothing.

Book – Shoes, shoes, shoes
Action – Body “K’s”
Art – Sock decorating
Math – Sock Measuring
Music – Simon Says