J – Jaybirds & Other Birds

Weekly Newsletter: Jaybird/Birds
January 15 – 19, 2018

Here are examples of activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- Closed

Tuesday – Letter “J”

Parent as Teacher: It is always a sign of development when preschoolers learn to play with sounds and language. Take turns coming up with words that start with the sound of “J” (even if it’s giraffe, it’s okay).

Book – Jack and the Beanstalk
Art – Painting Birds
Science/graphing – “J” taste test
Music – On the move

Wednesday – Shape: Diamond

Parent as Teacher: Play “I Spy” with your child at home or at the grocery store and see how many Diamonds they can find.

Book – Drum Dream Girl
Phonics –“J says, j,j,j,j,j, jaybird…I talk until I’m heard.”
Cognitive – Diamond Hunt
Art – Diamond “J’s”
Music – 1 and 2

Thursday- Jack & Jill

Parent as Teacher: Repeat the rhyme, Jack & Jill, at home and on the road.

Book – One Bean
Rhyme – Jack & Jill
Art – Water paint a bucket
Math – Measuring water/fill the bucket
Music – Something in my shoe

Friday- Jellybeans

Parent as Teacher: Build your child’s math skills by counting and sorting jellybeans together.

Book – The Jellybean and the big art adventure
Phonics –“J says, j,j,j,j,j, jaybird…I talk until I’m heard.”
Art – Jellybean Flowers
Science – Jellybean Experiment
Music – Pull my ears