J – Jaybirds & Other Birds

Weekly Newsletter-Jaybird
January 9-13, 2017

Monday – Letter “J”

Parent as Teacher: It is always a sign of development when preschoolers learn to play with sounds and language. Take turns coming up with words that start with the sound of “J” (even if it’s giraffe, it’s okay). For older children, playing with the sound can come in by substituting the “J” sound at the beginning of other words (e.g. Would you like a jink of water?)

Book – Jayde the Jaybird
Phonics – “J says j,j,j,j,j, jaybird….I talk until I’m heard”
Rhyme – Jack and Jill
Art – Circle Birds
Math – Feather Sorting/Counting
Music – Shake my Sillies Out

Tuesday – Jack & Jill
Parent as Teacher: Repeat the rhyme, Jack & Jill, at home and on the road.

Book – Be Polite and Kind
Rhyme – Jack & Jill
Art – Binoculars
Water Relay/ Ladling Water
Music – Bounce Your Knees

Wednesday – Sunshine House Birthday
Parent as Teacher: Sunshine House is celebrating our 32nd birthday! Talk with your child about how business birthdays are called anniversaries.

Book – Happy Birthday Moon
Phonics – “J says j,j,j,j,j, jaybird….I talk until I’m heard”
Action – Parachute Play (with birthday balloons)
Cooking –Birthday Parfait
Math & Science – Birthday Playdough
Music – Birthday Bee Bop

Thursday- Jellybeans
Parent as Teacher: Build your child’s math skills by counting and sorting jellybeans together.

Book: How Many Jellybeans
Action: Body J’s
Art- Jellybean Flowers
Large Motor Activity- Jellybean Races
Music: Hokey Pokey

Friday – I Have A Dream…

Parent as Teacher: Talk to your child about their hopes for the future and yours, too. For the older child, you can also talk about setting goals to obtain dreams.

Book – Dreams
Phonics – “J says j,j,j,j,j, jaybird….I talk until I’m heard”
Action – MLK “I Have a Dream”
Art – Cotton ball Dream Clouds
Feeling & Friends Lotto
Music – Friends