I – Iguana & Lizards

Weekly Newsletter Iguana & Lizards
January 2-6, 2017

Monday Closed for New Year’s

Tuesday – Short letter “I” & Leapin’ Lizards
Parent as Teacher: Talk with your child about camouflage and how different animals can use this tool.

Book – Lizard from the Park
Phonics – “I says, I,I,I,I, iguana….I would like a banana”
Action – Beanbags
Art – Tissue Paper Lizards
Large Motor Skills – Leaping Lizard Obstacle Course
Music – 6 Little Ducks

Wednesday: Little Boy Blue, Color: Blue
Parent as Teacher: Have your child help you find and count blue items around your house! Bring in 6 blue items in a small baggie and wear blue to school!

Book – Little Blue Truck
Action – Blue items in the Touch and Feel Box
Rhyme – Little Boy Blue
Art – Blue Bubble Prints on a horn
Science – Blue Carnation Experiment
Music – Robin in the Rain

Thursday – Number 6 (Seis) /Sing a Song of Sixpence
Parent as Teacher: Repeat the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence with your child.

Book – Mouse Count
Phonics – “I says, I,I,I,I, iguana….I would like a banana”
Rhyme- Sing a song of Sixpence
Action – Groups of Six
Art – Paper bag Blackbird
Music – 6 Little Ducks

Friday – Shape: Diamond & Family Breakfast
Parent as Teacher: Look for items in your environment that are diamond-shaped. Join us for a nice warm breakfast and enjoy eating with your child before work. It is a pajama day for all children.

Book – A Color of His Own
Action – Body I’s
Art – Diamond Necklaces
Playing Card Diamonds
Music – Bounce Your Knees