I – Iguana & Lizards

Weekly Newsletter: Iguana & Lizards
Week January 8 – 12, 2018

Here are examples of activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Short letter “I”

Parent as Teacher: Talk with your child about camouflage and how different animals can use this tool.

Book – Let’s Look at Iguanas
Action – Musical Instruments
Art – I Iguana
Science – Iguana Eggs
Music – Boom, Boom

Tuesday- Leapin’ Lizards

Parent as Teacher: Have your child help you find and count blue items around your house! Bring in 6 blue items in a small baggie and wear blue to school!

Book – Listen and Learn
Phonics – “I says, I,I,I,I, iguana….I would like a banana”
Art – Lizard prints
Gross Motor – Leapin’ Lizard Jumping
Music – Simon Say

Wednesday – Sunshine House Birthday Party

Parent as Teacher: Join us for our Sunshine House birthday party!

Book – A birthday cake is no ordinary cake
Rhyme- Sing a song of Sixpence
Art – Sunshine House Birthday
Science – Balloon Rockets
Music – Copy Cat

Thursday- Number 6/ Sing a Song of Sixpence

Parent as Teacher: Repeat the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence with your child.

Book – Pete the Cat, Rockin’ in my School Shoes
Phonics – “I says, I,I,I,I, iguana….I would like a banana”
Rhyme- Sing a song of Sixpence
Art – Water coloring “6”
Math & Science – Playdough Pie
Music – Hand Jive

Friday- I have a Dream…

Parent as Teacher: Encourage your child to dream big! Talk with them about what they may want to be when they grow up or how they want to see the world when they get bigger.

Book – Museum Shapes
Action – Body Diamonds
Cognitive – Diversity experience/dream clouds
Art – Dream Catchers
Music – 6 Little Ducks