O- Opossum & Day/Night

O- Opossum & Day/Night

Weekly Newsletter- Opossum/Day & Night February 13-17, 2017

O-Opossum, hanging by my tail hurts some! Monday we will be talking about our letter for the week: long “O”. Tuesday we will be having special activities for Valentine’s Day, including a party and luncheon. Sign-ups will be posted for you to participate and/or contribute something. No lunch boxes. Wednesday we will be doing activities around our science theme for the month: shadows. It is also Flashlight Day and children are encouraged to bring flashlights to share. Thursday is Playin’ Possum Day. Friday is Opposite Day: Day/Night.

Here are some examples of what your child may be participating in this week.

Monday- Letter Long “O”

How you can participate: Talk with your child about what it means to be friendly…how you like people to be friendly with you.

Book – Opossums
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,opossum…hanging by my tail hurts some.”
Action – Body “O”s
Art – Cheerio’s Necklace
“O” Ring Toss
Music – Make some noise

Tuesday – Valentine’s Day Party

How you can participate: Sign up to volunteer for our Annual Valentine’s Day Party!

Book – Possum’s Harvest Moon
Action – Musical Instruments
Art – Heart Collage
Game – Cupid Says (like Simon Says)
Music – Number Rock

Wednesday – Science: Shadows & Flashlight Day

How you can participate:  Turn off your lights and explore the house with a flashlight. Have your child bring a flashlight to school.

Book – My Shadow
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,opossum…hanging by my tail hurts some.”
Action – Flashlight Play
Art – Shadow Body Tracing
Science – Shadow Shapes
Music – Listen and Move

Thursday – Playin’ Possum

How you can participate: Have fun taking turns “playin’ possum” with your child.

Book – Epossumonda Plays Possum
Action – Sensory box (touch & sight)
Art – Hanging Opossums
Dramatic Presentation – Playing Opossum
Music – The Freeze

Friday – Opposites: Day/Night

How you can participate: Take turns with your child playing opposites game…one says “day”, the other “night”.  One says “up”, the other says “down”.

Book – Forest Night, Forest Bright
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,opossum…hanging by my tail hurts some.”
Action – Tunnel – Opossum Crawl
Art – Day/Night Painting
Graphing – Chart things we do at night and during the day
Music – Copy Cat