Weekly Newsletter O- Octopus & Wind February 20-24, 2017

O-Octopus, my 8 arms make such a fuss. We are closed Monday for the Presidents’ Day.  Tuesday we will introduce the letter short “O”. We will also be reading the book Gentle, Giant Octopus.  We will be calling Wednesday “Windsday” as we explore the forces of the wind. Thursday is Go Fly a Kite Day when we will do kite-focused activities. Friday is our 2nd opposite day of the month: Stop/Go, where we will explore the many ways that things stop & go!

Here are some examples of what your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Closed Presidents’ Day

Tuesday – Gentle, Giant Octopus

How you can participate: Practice counting to eight with your child. Start by counting the octopus’ legs.

Book – Gentle, Giant Octopus
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,octopus…my eight arms make such a fuss”
Action – “O” cards
Art- Finger Paint an octopus
Octopus Games
Music – Down by the Bay

Wednesday – Happy Windsday

How you can participate: Have your child bring in something that starts with the letter “O” or a wind spinner for share time.

Book – Like A Windy Day
Action – Rhythm Sticks
Art – Plate Wind Spinners
Science – Nature Walk
Music – Swimming in the Sea

Thursday – Go Fly A Kite

How you can participate: Go fly a kite.

Book – Lucky Song
Phonics – “O says o,o,o,o,octopus…my eight arms make such a fuss”
Action – Parachute with balloons
Art – Paper bag Kites
Science- Air Takes up space- balloon experiments
Music – The Freeze

Friday – Opposites: Stop & Go

How you can participate: While driving to school remind your child what a red light means (stop) and a greens light means (go), through each intersection.

Book – Inside me Sometimes
Action – Body O’s
Art – Stop Lights
Taste test – “O” items (olives, oranges…)
Music – If your happy and you know it