Cooking Camp: Tastes & Smells of Christmas

Weekly Newsletter-Smells & Taste of Christmas/Cooking Camp -Dec. 14-18

Monday – Little Jack Horner

Parent as Teacher: Point out the smells of Christmas to your child as they come up at your house.

Books – Smell
SPA – Jingle Review
Music – Music Man
Action – Counting & Sorting Plums 1-5
Art – Thumb Plum Tree
Dramatic Play – Little Jack Horner

Tuesday – If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Parent as Teacher: Bake cookies with your child…or buy plain cookies and decorate with frosting.

Books – If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Music – The Last Cookie
Action – Flannel Board – 5 Christmas Cookies
Art – Cookie Cutter Paint Prints
Math & Science – Sense of Smell “Smelly Jars”

Wednesday – Gingerbread Men/Red & White Luncheon

Parent as Teacher: Point out things, wherever you are, that are red and white…play “I Spy” Red and White.

Books – Gingerbread Man
Music – Colors
Action – 5 Gingerbread Men
Art – Red & White Candy Cane Luncheon Hats
Dramatic Play – Gingerbread Man

Thursday – Reindeer Food

Parent as Teacher: Sing Rudolph…and find a special place to keep your reindeer food, to be put out on Christmas Eve.

Books – Reindeer Christmas
Music – Rudolph
SPA – Jingle Review – Sticks
Action – Call Rudolph!
Art – Reindeer Food
Reindeer Training Obstacle Course

Friday – Opposites – Open/Close

Parent as Teacher: Practice labeling things that are open/closed.

Books – Corduroy’s Christmas
Music – Opposites
Action – Pass the Present
Art – Sponge Paint a Poinsettia
Wrapping Gifts