Under the Sea

August 11-15 Under the Sea

Our 2nd week of our ocean theme will be about what is in and on the ocean. Monday we will talk about what people use to travel on top of the water for Ships Day. Tuesday we will be learning about sharks. Wednesday we will be having a Seafood Tasting. Thursday is Dolphin Day and Friday is Killer Whale Day. Your child is encouraged to bring anything that relates to these animals, on the appropriate day. We would love it if you had a seafood snack to share!

Monday – Ships

How you can participate: Have your child bring in a ship or boat to share.

Music – The Boogie Walk
Book – Little Boat
Action – Parachute
Art – Paper Plate Boats
Dramatic Play – Row Your Boat
Tuesday – Shark Attack (El Tiburon)

How you can participate: Look up an interesting fact about sharks and share it with your child, so that they’ll have something interesting to add to today’s discussions.

Music – Ocean Friends
Book – Coral Reef Hideaway
Language Arts – Shark Facts
Art – Shark Tooth Necklace
Gross Motor Skills – Sharks in the Sea

Wednesday – Seafood Tasting

How you can participate: Bring in something to contribute to our seafood tasting.

Music – Mr. Sun – Raffi
Book – All the Water in the World
Action – Seafood Limbo
Art – Undersea Writing
Science – Seafood Taste Test

Thursday – Dolphins (El Delphin)

How you can participate: Play dolphin in your pool or bathtub.

Music – Movin Everyday
Book – Sea Shapes
Pass the Fish
Art – Sea Salt Art
Science – Salt Water Experiment
Friday – Killer Whales

How you can participate: Hey, how about a trip to Steinhart Aquarium, 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom, or the zoo, this weekend?!

Music – Down by the Bay
Book – Baby Whales Drink Milk
Language Arts – Whale Facts
Art – Stuffed Bag Whales
Math & Science – How Long is a Whale?