Under the Big Top

Weekly Newsletter August 21-26, 2016
Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top is our circus theme, of course. Monday is Balloons & Polka Dot day when all are encouraged to wear polka dots. We will talk about the animals that are at the circus and all stuffed animals are to report in for training on Tuesday for Lions, Tigers & Bears Day, oh my! Wednesday we will explore the Opposites: Over/Under. Thursday is Circus Day, a parent participation day. We will have many circus related activities set up for the children to enjoy. Sign-ups will be posted for parent helpers. Friday is Popcorn Day and we will be doing many activities focused on this yummy treat.

Here is a sample of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Balloons & Polka Dots

How you can participate: Have your child come to school in polka dots.

Book – Night Circus
Act – Balloon Play/Toss
Art – Balloon Paint Art
Science – Balloon Blow-Up
Music – Sillie Willies

Tuesday – Lions, Tigers & Bears ( Leones, Tigres, y Osos)

How you can participate: Ask your child what animals they would see at the circus. Have them go through their stuffed animals to find one of these animals to bring in.

Book – The Secret Circus
Memory Game – Magic Blanket
Art – Circus Train
Large Motor Skills – Tiger, Tiger, Elephant
Music – Movin’ Everyday

Wednesday – Opposites: Over/Under

How you can participate: Help your child identify when something is over or under as you go about your day (the trees are over their head, the rocks are under their feet).

Book – I Want to be a Clown
Flannel Board – Circus Flannel
Art – Rainbow Puff Ball Clown Face
Dramatic Play – Ring Master
Music – The Popcorn Song

Thursday – Circus Day (Dia de Circo)

How you can participate: Come join us for a day at the Sunshine House Circus from 10:00-11:00!

Book – Star at the Circus
Act – Beanbags (juggle, toss…)
Art – Circus Headbands
Large Motor Skills – Tight Rope Walking
Music – The Sports Dance

Friday – Popcorn

How you can participate: Talk about where popcorn comes from and make a fresh batch with your child over the stove!

Book – Clifford at the Circus
Large Motor Skills – Parachute
Art – Popcorn Bags
Act – Pin the Tail on the Elephant
Music – Popcorn