Let There Be Light!

Weekly Newsletter August 1-5, 2016
Let There Be Light

We will be having a 2-week unit with an ocean theme. The first week we will concentrate on beach activities. Monday is Seashells and Starfish Day. Tuesday is Sunshine House Beach Boardwalk, a Parent Participation Day. Your child is welcome to bring in a beach towel and beach ball. Wednesday is Made in the Shade Day, when we will impress upon the children the importance of staying in the shade and wearing sun screen in sunny weather; “When your shadow is small, head for the shade!” Thursday we will be exploring the science concept Sink/Float. Friday we continue our science experiences on Rainbow and Bubbles Day. It is also our Family Breakfast & PJ Day, where you are invited to join us for free homemade breakfast until 8:30.

Here is a sample of activities that your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Seashells & Starfish

How you can participate: Make-up fun sounding “tongue twisters” with your child. Here is one to get you started: Sunshine House is sharing seashells and starfish for summer!

Book – Star of the Sea
Math – Seashell counting/sorting
Art – Paint with Seashells
Language Arts – Beach Lotto
Music – Down by the Bay

Tuesday – Sunshine Beach Boardwalk

How you can participate: Come join us for some beach boardwalk fun this morning. Look for a sign up on the parent desk. Also, have your child bring in a beach towel or beach ball to share.

Book – Monster Beach
Act – Beanbag Toss into Beach Bucket
Art – Sand Pictures
Science – Rainbow Smells with Fruit
Music – A Walking We Will Go

Wednesday – Made in the Shade

How you can participate: Have your child bring in sunglasses or a visor to wear.

Book – Day Light, Night Light
Act – Bubble Body Parts
Art – Sun Visors
Science – Sand Writing
Music – Bubbles

Thursday – Opposites: Sink/Float

How you can participate: Experiment with items that float or sink in the bathtub or pool. If your child finds something that floats, what can they do to make it sink?

Book – Ladybug Girl at the Beach
Memory Game – Magic Blanket
Art – Crab Handprints
Science – Sink and Float
Music – Ocean Friends

Friday – Rainbow & Bubbles & Family Breakfast

How you can participate: Play bubbles with your child! Take turns blowing them out while the other gets to pop them! Observe the colors of the bubbles.
** Join us for our Family Breakfast & PJ Day!

Book – Pop! A Book about Bubbles
Act – People Rainbow
Art – Bubble printing
Large Motor Skills – Bubble Play
Music – The World is a Rainbow