V – Vultures & Vegetables


Weekly Newsletter Vulture/Vegetables May 1-5, 2017

Here is sample of some of the activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Letter: “V”

How you can participate: Have your child bring something to school that starts with the letter “V”.


Book – Vulture View
Rhyme – Peter Piper
Art – Vultures
Science/Graphing – Vegetable Taste Test
Music – Willoughby, Walloughby, Woo

Tuesday – Number 10

Book – Do You Know Which One Will Grow
Phonics – “V says v,v,v,v,v,vulture… I do not have much culture.”
Sensory Activity – I hear 10 sounds
Art – Painting the number 10
Gross Motor Skills – Carrot, Carrot, Corn (Duck, Duck, Goose)
Music – Number Rock

How you can participate: Find how many items you can count into groups of 10 outside…  How many bites of vegetables can you take?

 Wednesday – Vegetables

How you can participate: Plant vegetable seeds with your child and watch them grow.

Book – The Vegetable Group
Action – Body “V”
Rhyme – Peter Piper
Art – Vegetable Prints
Classifying – Vegetable Sorting / Graphing
Music – The Farmer in the Dell
Thursday – Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

How you can participate: Take turns naming things that start with “p”…or make up silly words.  Instead of sit on the chair, make it “sit on the pair”.

Book –Raw, Raw Radishes
Phonics – “V says v,v,v,v,v,vulture… I do not have much culture.”
Large Muscle Skills – Bean Bags
Art – Pepper Crowns
Science – Identifying/Sorting Peppers
Music – He’s got the Whole World in his Hands


Friday – Cinco de Mayo

How you can participate: At home, work together to create your favorite Mexican dish!

Book – The Surprise Garden
Action – Musical Instruments
Rhyme – Peter Piper
Art – Paper Plate Maracas
Geography – Globe observation
Music – The Farmer in the Dell