U – Unicorn & Fantasy

Weekly Newsletter April 3-7, 2017
U-Unicorn & Fantasy Week

Here is sample of some of the activities your child may be participating in this week.

Monday – Letter: Long “U”

How you can participate: Creating stories with your child helps increase their vocabulary and lets their imagination soar! Help your child start out a story, “Once Upon a Time….”

Book – Uni the Unicorn
Action – Music with Scarves
Art – Unicorn Hat
Game- Musical Jewel
Music – Muffin Man

Tuesday – Opposites: Real/Pretend

How you can participate: Play a game of “is it real or pretend?” with your child.

Book – The Poombah of Badoombah
Phonics – “U says u,u,u,u, unicorn…On my head, I have a horn.”
Action – Silly Faces
Art – King and Queen Crowns
Science – Magic Potion
Music – If you’re happy and you know it
Wednesday – The Wizard, The Fairy & The Magic Chicken

How you can participate: Our number this month is nine. Have your child practice counting nine objects throughout the month.

Book – The Wizard and the Fairy and the Magic Chicken
Action – Instruments
Art – Fairy Wands
Math – What’s the Time Mr. Wizard?
Music – Scat Like That

Thursday- Royal Family Luncheon

How you can participate: Sign up to bring something for our Royal Luncheon.

Book – Into the Castle
Phonics – “U says u,u,u,u, unicorn…On my head, I have a horn.”
Action – Rhythm Sticks
Math and Science – Sort, Graph, and Pattern Jewels
Art – Poison Apples
Music – Animal Action

Friday – Color: Purple

How you can participate: Have your child wear the color purple today!

Book – There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea
Rhyme- Old King Cole
Art – Purple People Eaters
Science – Color Changers
Music – Friendly Giant