March Preschool Curriculum

We are all excited about the approach of spring as we begin the month of March!  There’s nothing like being outside enjoying the beautiful sunny days.  Click on the links before for additional details

February 27-March 3

P-Pelican, my beak holds what my belly can’t!  We will also be learning about police officers and safety.    Monday we will be talking about our letter of the week: “P”. Tuesday is PJ & Wee Willie Winkie Day when we will all be wearing pajamas to school. Wednesday we will be reading and acting out the Princess and the Pea. It is also our monthly luncheon, with a “P” theme. Sign-ups will be posted for you to participate and/or contribute something.  No lunch boxes. Thursday is Color Day and everyone is encouraged to wear and share green, our color for the month (verde in Spanish). We are also celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday. We will be eating, exploring and, of course, reading Green Eggs & Ham. Friday we will discuss the various ways we keep Safety First.

March 6-10

Q-Quail, I have long feathers on my tail! On Monday, we will introduce the letter “Q”. Tuesday will be a yummy day as we will be doing Potato Tasting. Wednesday we will focus on the number of the month: eight. Thursday we will continue to work with potatoes as we do Lucky Potato Planting. Friday is our monthly Family Breakfast and PJ Day. We will be serving breakfast for you and your child. We look forward to seeing you!

March 13-17

R-Rattlesnake, you will find me at the lake!  We will be learning about all types of snakes & reptiles this week.  If you have any reptile friends that can visit, please let us know!  On Monday, we will introduce the letter “R”. Tuesday is Adapt like a Chameleon. Wednesday is Hide & Snake Day. We will be talking about snakes and exploring them in our learning and art times. Thursday we will focus on our shape of the month: rectangle.  Friday we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as we talk about Leapin’ Leprechauns. And yes, those mischievous little leprechauns will be making their annual visit to Sunshine House.  We always look forward to their tricks, as well as their hidden gold!  If you and your child could devise a trap, we welcome you to bring it in and see if we can catch one of those little guys.

March 20-24

S-Seal, I like to play ball with Zeal.  We will also be exploring our 5 senses. Monday we will be putting our noses to work as we learn about our sense of smell. Tuesday we are highlighting the book, The Seals on the Bus.  Wednesday everyone is encouraged to show their silliness through their feet for Silly Socks Day. Thursday we will be exploring our sense of taste (yummy!) Friday will be using our eyes as we continue to learn about our 5 senses: seeing.

March 27-31

T-Toad, I like to hop on the road!  On Monday, we will introduce the letter “T”. Tuesday we will be highlighting the rhyme 5 Green & Speckled Frogs. Wednesday we will be developing our science skills as we explore Tadpoles & Frogs Lifecycle. We would love any tadpoles you have to share! Thursday we will have a day full of turtle activities. Friday is Pond Life. We will be talking about and exploring the Pond Life ecosystem in our learning and art times.

Picture Day in April

Picture day is for everyone that wants pictures taken, including our graduates!  There will be an opportunity for individual pictures for all; and in addition our graduates will take a group picture. When proofs are ready, you will be able to view and purchase your favorites!  Of course, you have no obligation to buy pictures. Please check your school and/or Facebook for your child’s picture day.

Have a Marvelous March!

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