August Preschool Curriculum


Weather Forecast: HOT
As we continue the “dog days of summer” we have tons of fun activities to keep us excited and cool. We hope you will participate by contributing any relevant items to our themes and perhaps even take your child to the circus that comes to Oakland/S.F. at the end of the month! Thanks for all of your participation at our Jurassic Park Day! We love to have you join us. It also builds your child’s self-esteem. Way to Go!

Click on the links below for even more details about each day’s activities and learning!

July 31- August 4 Purrfect Pets

We are talking about dog days this week and it is going to be a purr-fect as we learn about the importance of pets in our lives. Monday is Opposite Day: More/Less. Tuesday is Pet Picture Share Day, when your child can share pictures of pets, past and/or present. Please let us know, in advance, of any small, live pets you can share. Wednesday we will sing and act out the nursery rhyme Hey, Diddle, Diddle. We are reading the book If You Give a Dog a Donut on Thursday. Friday we celebrate fish on Hooray for Fish! Day.

August 7-11 Let There Be Light

We will be having a 2-week unit with an ocean theme. The first week we will concentrate on beach activities. Monday is Seashells and Starfish Day. Tuesday is Sunshine House Beach Boardwalk, a Parent Participation Day. Your child is welcome to bring in a beach towel and beach ball. Wednesday is Made in the Shade Day, when we will impress upon the children the importance of staying in the shade and wearing sun screen in sunny weather; “When your shadow is small, head for the shade!” Thursday we will be exploring the science concept Sink/Float. Friday we continue our science experiences on Rainbow and Bubbles Day. It is also our Family Breakfast & PJ Day, where you are invited to join us for free homemade breakfast until 8:30.

August 14-18 Under the Sea
Our 2nd week of our ocean theme will be about what is in and on the ocean. Monday we will talk about what people use to travel on top of the water for Ships Day. Tuesday we will be learning about sharks. Wednesday we will be having a Seafood Tasting. Thursday is Dolphin Day and Friday is Killer Whale Day. Your child is encouraged to bring anything that relates to these animals, on the appropriate day. We would love it if you had a seafood snack to share!

August 21-25 Happy Trails to You…
Our theme is: Happy Trails to You…, when we will experience the adventure of living as a cowboy. Monday is Cowboy Gear Day. We will be talking about the significance of the different types of clothing and equipment used out on the range. Anything that you could share with us would be greatly appreciated. Tuesday is we’ll be Goin’ on a Trail Ride. It is also our Survival Party, when we will open up our earthquake bags to eat our treats from this last year. All children will be bringing in fresh earthquake bag supplies after this day. Wednesday is Rodeo Day when we will have a Sunshine House-style rodeo. We will also have our Rootin’ Tootin’ Roundup Luncheon. Thursday we will be highlighting the book There was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea. Friday we will be talking about our Health Concept this month: Cool, Clear Water. We will stress with the children the importance of drinking lots of water, especially in hot weather.

August 28-September 1 :Under the Big Top
Under the Big Top is our circus theme, of course. Monday is Balloons & Polka Dot day when all are encouraged to wear polka dots. We will talk about the animals that are at the circus and all stuffed animals are to report in for training on Tuesday for Lions, Tigers & Bears Day, oh my! Wednesday we will explore the Opposites: Over/Under. Thursday is Circus Day, a parent participation day. We will have many circus related activities set up for the children to enjoy. Sign-ups will be posted for parent helpers. Friday is Popcorn Day and we will be doing many activities focused on this yummy treat.



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