Child Care FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Preschool & Child Care


Q. Why do parents choose your afternoon preschool?
A.   deeply discounted rates, no need to rush out in the morning, generally lower child/staff ratios, and stores are open in the afternoon allowing them to get more shopping/tasks done while their children are in school.
Q. Is your childcare the cheapest?
A.  We are not the cheapest childcare or the most expensive, but we are the best value.  It’s been said that the investment in preschool education, like Sunshine House provides, is at least as important a consideration as choosing the right college.  Education is expensive…and it’s priceless!
Q. Why isn’t your preschool decorated in primary colors, like others?
A.  Sunshine House Preschool uses calming colors and artwork that you might have in your own home because it makes children feel comfortable.  Loud, overstimulating decor is a good idea at Chuck E Cheese and a birthday party, but not for preschool children learning and playing in a productive way.
Q. Why don’t you have an electronic security system at your front door?
A.  Sunshine House Preschool has an impeccable 29 years security history. You need to balance benefit with cost.  The cost to children is the damage to their sense of safety when they feel that such a system is a necessary part of school.  Airport Security is a way of life, but unnecessary at Sunshine House.  Do our youngest really need to be subjected to that?
Also, our school is not so large that we don’t know all of our parents.  In any security system, the human element is always the most important.
Q.  Are you closed for staff training days like other preschools?
A. Many preschools are closed a week or two at Christmas, 1 week in the spring, and a few training days here and there.  You’ll be so pleased with the convenience of Sunshine House.  We are closed the usual office holidays.  We also close at 4 pm Thanksgiving Eve and a second day at Christmas.  That’s it!
Q.  Is your learning program Montessori?  Waldorf?  Reggio Emilia?  Handwriting Without Tears?
A. Yes!  We incorporate all of those learning theories.  Not to sound too zen, but the preschool program that can be named does not necessarily indicate it will lead to the best outcome for children.  All learning theories have their good points and some have drawbacks.  We have built our program over 30 years, picking and choosing the best from each preschool program.  We are whole child/whole theory educators.  We choose the whole spectrum of the rainbow for your child!
Q. Why do you have restrictions on what children bring in their lunch?
A. For 30 years, Sunshine House Preschool has been focused on teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating choices. Obviously, we teach them in learning times and in the snack choices we make for them (grains and fresh fruits and vegetables). A secondary way of teaching them is in talking about their lunch choices. e.g. Our children are very aware of drink choices and can spot a drink that’s not 100% juice a table away!
Q. Then why do you let them bring chips?
A. You are right. Foods high in salt and fat are not healthy. Your child will be healthier if you don’t send them in their lunch. You have to pick your battles, and our’s is sugar. We also thank you if you don’t send chips 🙂
Q.  How many teachers are CPR certified?
A. We require that every teacher maintain a current certification in both CPR and first aid, even though the state requires that there only needs to be one person on duty.
Q.  What is your sick child policy?
A.  In order to keep your child and family, and our staff, as healthy as possible, we require that any child with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or contagious disease be kept at home until they are symptom free for 24 hours.
​Q.  What if someone other than my spouse/partner or me has to pick up my child?
A.  We place a priority on safety.  Written advance authorization is needed for anyone to pick your child up.  When that person arrives, if they are not known to the teacher in attendance , they must provide identification.  If we have any questions or concerns, we ask that you are available via cell phone to provide confirmation.