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2014 = Kids Shining for 29 years!
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Brentwood, Oakley, and Martinez CA!

3 things parents say they like most about Sunshine House:
1. Our teachers and their longevity
2. Our cleanliness and systematic organization
3. When their child's kindergarten teacher says, "I love it
    when I get Sunshine House kids!"

Sunshine House Preschool is a local, family-owned childcare business where your voice will be truly listened to. We care about our family of teachers and we care about you. In our high-tech world, you will find the personal touch you've been looking for to satisfy your daycare needs. 

Your child will enjoy the finest academic preschool *and* be cared for by passionate, attentive teachers. We highly value the trust you have placed in us and will continue building our esteemed reputation that is based on decades of preschool and child care experience.

Our preschool learning program encompasses many learning theories and styles, but we are most proud of is our teaching staff. No matter how fine a preschool education program, it all boils down to the quality of the individual who is there each day to meet your child's needs, day-in and day-out.

You can have confidence in an organization whose preschool staff's average tenure is a nearly unheard of 10 years! You can bet that didn't happen by accident.​

We are a year-round affordable preschool with open enrollment.  Admission preference is given to friends and families of currently enrolled children.  After that it is determined by application date and availability of child care.

Sunshine House, where lifelong friendships begin!
Guess who's ready for Kindergarten?!
Sunshine House Preschool Kids!!
Happy Family Guarantee
We accept full responsibility for satisfaction and your first 30 days of preschool enrollment.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund up to a month's child care tuition, no questions asked. 
 No other school will make this guarantee!
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Lindsay Johnson June 2012                          Quality 3 / 3 
Sunshine House preschool has been wonderful for our whole family. My daughter looks forward to her time there everyday and has learned so much in the 9 months that she has been attending the pre-K program at Sunshine House. The teachers are knowledgeable and caring; they really go the extra mile in ensuring the preschool students' success. Sunshine house is so welcoming and fun that when I drop off my daughter I can barely get my three year old son to leave. He is so eager and excited to start preschool this fall. Enrolling your child at Sunshine House is one of the best ways to prepare them for Kindergarten and the years to come. Thanks for everything Sunshine House!
preschool brentwood CA 2013  Aprilll
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches Welcome!!!

Is your child's favorite food PBJ sandwiches?  Look no further, you are welcome at Sunshine House.  We know what preschool chidren like!  :)

We are very cautious about any type of food allergy and we have other alternatives available to accomodate all preschool children.

"...his kindergarten teacher was not surprised on how well he was doing when she found out he had attended Sunshine House." Maria Ambriz June 2012
preschool brentwood CA 2013 April
preschool Martinez CA 2013 April
preschool brentwood CA 2013  Aprilll
daycare is a place where lifelong friendships begin
pre k childcare is a place where we have fun and learn outdoors
Sunshine House is a preschool that cares about food that children will eat.
Review Reenactment
For the health of our families Sunshine House is Frangrance Free!
we are fragrance free!
preschool brentwood CA 2013  Aprill
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